Find out if your loved one qualifies for a Recovery Treatment Program instead of jail or prison time, or qualifies for a downward departure from mandatory sentencing guidelines.

The fee for this service is only $250.

If a client is evaluated with a mental health problem as well as addiction issues they qualify for consideration of a sentence lower than the minimum mandatory guidelines and consideration for a recovery treatment program

Upon retaining our services ($250 credit card, check, cash), a Florida Board Certified Mental Health Professional will enter the detention facility where your family member is located to conduct a full addictions and mental health assessment. Within 48hrs we will prepare an assessment evaluation report, and forward it to the client’s legal representative.

If the client does have an addiction and/or mental health problem, this will allow the attorney to request the State to consider an in-patient treatment center as an alternative to jail or prison time.

If a client has both addiction and mental health issues and has committed a crime that will not qualify them for release to a treatment center, the assessment evaluation report will qualify them for consideration from the judge for lower then minimum mandatory guidelines at time of sentencing.

You can also hire Florida Addictions & Mental Health Services on a Retainer basis which will include securing a bed in a treatment center in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, or Sarasota Counties, court appearance and more.


This is a contract between Florida Addictions & Mental Health Services and                                                        

The retainer fee of $500.00 will be used for services rendered to                                                                            

The following services will be included in this retainer contract:

A full court approved Addiction and Mental Health Assessment will be conducted in the detention facility by a Florida Board Certified Mental Health Professional within 48 hours of retaining our services.

An Assessment Report will be delivered to clients Attorney within 48 hours of Assessment. This report will include any medical and treatment records that may be pertinent to the case. These records may take several days longer to deliver, due to the reporting facilities timeframe.

The assessment report will be utilized to evaluate the proper treatment needed, and an appropriate facility will be contacted for available bed space, or outpatient availability. This information will be discussed with client and family members, and a recommendation will be made to clients Attorney.

I will have an in depth discussion with the clients Attorney on strategy for presenting treatment or alternative sentencing options to the State. Client and family will be updated as negotiations with the State proceed.

A bed will be secured in a court approved treatment program.

I will appear in court to offer expert witness testimony regarding suggested treatment program and client's addiction and mental health issues.

A half hour of counseling will be available for client or family member. 

An evaluation will be done and forwarded to probation officer upon completion of treatment program.

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